Frequently asked questions about rental services in Dubai

Do I have to pay a commission to rent a car in Dubai? offers the best rental services to rent a car in Dubai free of charge, with no commission or booking fees. You get to compare the offers from several local car rental suppliers and find the lowest rent a car in Dubai for you. From Lamborghini to Rolls Royce, you can select from a wide range of high-quality car rental fleets and contact any of our trusted car rental providers. Book and pay for the car directly at the rental car company you selected.
What's the price for car rentals in Dubai?
The price for car rentals in Dubai is about AED ... per day, that is AED --- per month. The cost of hiring a luxury car in Dubai starts at AED ... per day up to AED ... per day, all charges included. Car rental rates range depending on the car model and the length of the rental period. Long-term car rental may benefit from cheaper rates based on the company policy. As defined by law, car rentals in Dubai charge an additional 5% VAT (value-added tax).
How to book a rental car in Dubai?
You can book a rental car in Dubai at the lowest rates by browsing the offers from several car rental companies through Select your liking car and contact the car rental provider directly by phone or WhatsApp. Discuss your requirements based on your preferences and rental period, and send the needed documents. Ask for the best package deals and pay in advance or on delivery. And most of all, enjoy your rental car in Dubai!
Are there additional costs when renting a car?
By renting a car through you get the best package deals and competitive rates from several local rental car providers with no commission and no booking fees. Depending on the car category and the selected company, delivery and pick-up of the rental car may be free or extra charged. Your additional costs for renting a car in Dubai will include paying for the fuel, parking, and salik.
Can I rent a car without a deposit in Dubai?
All car rental providers in Dubai require a refundable security deposit or an additional insurance fee. The deposit is withheld in case of accidents or other damages to the rental car not covered by insurance, car theft, and RTA fines. The amount is fully refunded as there are no damages to the rented vehicle. The withheld deposit may be held for up to 25 days due to the RTA or Police delayed procedures.
Can I rent a car without a credit card in Dubai?
Yes, you can rent a car in Dubai without a credit card. Some car rental companies accept security deposit payments by cash or debit card. When browsing for the best car rentals in Dubai on you simply select the payment mode. Still, paying the security deposit by credit card is recommended as a pre-authorization block, being automatically released after 21 days.
What is the minimum age to rent a car in Dubai?
To legally rent a car in Dubai, you have to be at least 21 years old. However, some car rental companies may require you to be more than 23 years of age or above. Also, you must have a valid driving license issued at least six months before renting the car or at least one year if you are a UAE resident. As a foreign visitor to Dubai, you need to possess a valid driving license from your own country or an international driving permit - IDP.
Can someone else drive the rental car?
Yes, the main driver and a second driver can drive the rental car in Dubai. The main driver is the renter of the vehicle, and the second driver can be added as an additional driver to the car rental agreement and the insurance coverage with additional fees. It's best to make the arrangements at the beginning of the rental to avoid extra charges depending on the company.
Can I rent a car in Dubai with a new driving license?
To rent a car in Dubai as a foreign visitor your driving license must be older than six months. As a UAE resident, you need to have a valid driving license issued at least one year before renting the car. If these conditions are not met, please contact the car rental provider to check the requirements depending on the selected car. As a new driving license holder that's less than six or twelve months old, you may have to pay higher fees on the security deposit and insurance.
How to book a rental yacht in Dubai?
When you book a rental yacht in Dubai directly through, you can enjoy a simple Yacht Charter Process. We designed all the rental steps for you to enjoy an unforgettable Dubai escape at your fingertips. First, check the listing and choose the most suitable offers. Click the "Book Now" button and fill in the request form. Communicate all your requirements for a complete description of your unique private rental yacht experience in Dubai.
You can also book a private and luxury yacht in Dubai by contacting us directly through the phone. Discuss your preferences and offer all the required information for the booking process. Ask for the best package deals available and the ongoing promotions. Get inspired and explore all the possibilities for onboard facilities and extra services. Payment can be made online or in the form of cash and credit card. Enjoy your rental yacht in Dubai, having the most exclusive luxury experience where you can recharge and be relaxed.
What's the price for yacht rentals in Dubai?
The price for yacht rentals in Dubai is about AED ... per hour and AED ... per day. We equipped each of our top-class insured yachts for Dubai's safest and most flexible yacht rental experience. The listed price of hiring luxury and private yachts through includes all charges, depending on package options, capacity, length, and the number of guests.
And there are prices discussed upon request for extra services like transfers, long-term cruises, water sports activities, concierge, or cuisine demands. Be aware that long-term yacht rental services in Dubai may benefit from cheaper rates. As defined by law, yacht rentals in Dubai charge an additional ...% VAT as value-added tax.
Do I have to pay a commission to hire a yacht in Dubai? offers one of the best yacht rental services in Dubai, with no commission or booking fees. You can choose the best offer for your luxury and private party directly from our company. Select from a wide range of Luxury Yachts Packages for Hourly or Daily Rental. Celebrate your personal and corporate events with the best luxury yacht hire services in Dubai at the lowest rates in the market.
What does chartering a yacht in Dubai include?
A private and luxury yacht charter in Dubai includes all safety arrangements, full insurance, professional services from the experienced crew, accommodation for all guests, food & drinks, a stereo music system, luxury onboard facilities, and the warm hospitality of our entire team. We also provide high-end personal and corporate events with specific extra services on activities, decorations, or catering menus.
What does a Yacht Rental Package for a Birthday Party include?
When you book through us a Luxury Yacht Charter in Dubai for a Birthday Party, you get the best package for an unforgettable celebration. In a burst of creative inspiration, you can choose the perfect option for your favorite facilities and extra services from our Luxury Selection of Birthday Party Yachts Rental Deals. Express your sense of style through every detail, from the right food and beverages to decorations and great music. Our professional and experienced team will provide you only with the best high-quality services for any birthday yacht rental package. Best prices range from AED ... to AED ... + VAT for a ... hour package.
While on board, you can enjoy a five-star sea adventure to remember for a lifetime. Surrounded by family and friends, you may want to try different water sports activities provided upon request or other extra services. We are warmly waiting for you, prepared for any luxury culinary demands, customized yacht decorations, and the best birthday cake. Make your birthday the day you live the most memorable luxury sailing experience across Dubai. Relax, celebrate and get more energy by gathering all the people that matter to you. Your Luxury Yacht Birthday Party can accommodate up to x passengers.
What does a Yacht Proposal Pack include?
Live a life you love, and rent a luxury yacht in Dubai for your upcoming Proposal or Anniversary Celebration. Let us manage all the details at the lowest rates in the market. Our Yacht Proposal Pack includes everything you need for your private event, from roses to custom cake design, music, personalized decorations, beverages, and a gourmet experience. Impress your partner with an exquisite anniversary party, available from AED ... to AED ... + VAT for a ... hour package. We are honored to assist you in stepping into a new era of your exciting future together. We offer you a safe and comfortable luxurious sailing experience into the blue waters of Dubai, with the best onboard facilities. Every Yacht Proposal Pack aims to celebrate romance at the highest level of greatness.
What does a Yacht Corporate Party Package include?
When you want to work with the best of the best and need to rent a yacht for a corporate party in Dubai, we deliver you all the high-end services for the perfect event. Up to x employees, business partners, and clients can enjoy your Luxury Yacht Corporate Party in Dubai. Our yacht corporate event hire services include fantastic food and drinks, high-end PA systems for your presentations, music, and customized decorations. We strive to satisfy and exceed your expectations for a Yacht Corporate Party's measure of success, offering you the best experience. Book your corporate event package today!
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